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Product Version: 2.0.2
App Language: English & More
Cost: Free (inapp)
Made By: Imangi Studios
Review Score: 98%
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Temple Run 2 Review

Reviewing a 5 year old game is a complicated task. On the on hand, you get perspective, and you have the benefit of seeing how the game was received in the last years and checking whether or now it stood in the test of time. On the other hand, a lot has changed since the debut of Temple Run 2. Technology improved significantly, graphics today is much more sharp, and even the audio of modern games is better developed and more crisp. However, and that’s why we are here, Temple Run 2 is still one of the most downloaded games on the App Store and on Google Play, and many people search and download it to their windows machines, PCs and laptops.

In the last week I played a lot of Temple Run. It’s not the first time I am playing this game. I used to be quite an addict a few years back, and after loving the first part of the franchise, the second became to beĀ one of my all time favorite games.

If you haven’t played the game in the past – here is a quick overview. In general, you control the main character, which can be a cool archeologist called Guy Dangerous or any number of other ones which can be unlocked with in-game currency or real money and you run on an endless road, trying to collect coins and avoid obstacles.

As the game progresses, it is harder to avoid all the hurdles and problems that are in your way. Monsters, bumps on the road, ziplines and whatnot make it more and more difficult to not to fall, and to make the game more challenging, your velocity increases all the time.

On the monetization side, you can buy all kinds of power ups that make surviving and collecting bonuses and coins more easy, but the main thrill is to buy other characters. In the last couple of years, the developers added the likes of Usain Bolt, Bruce Lee and Santa Claus which are super fun to play. Also, they added global challenges (e.g. who can collect more coins!) and new world environments.

So, should you download temple run today? My answer is a big yes. Whether you played it in the past or never tried it, this one is a big winner. It’s true that graphics-wise it can seem a bit old and other copy-cat titles such as Subway Surfers may seem a bit sharper and cooler, but in terms of actual playability and game mechanics, this one is the big winner.